Helping the Underachieving Student

Underachievement typically stems from emotional or psychological turbulence, not laziness. Statistics regarding waning academic performance are troubling: Jo Ann Natale of The Education Digest determined that approximately 40 to 60 percent of students are underachievers. If your child isn’t living up to his or her potential, however, you can use this gentle guidance to get […]

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New Tax Law Could Offer Great Financial Opportunity in Paying Catholic School Tuition

Originally posted on A new tax law passed late last year could offer a great financial opportunity for parents or guardians paying Catholic school tuition or wishing to send children to Catholic school. The law contained a provision to expand “529 accounts,” tax-advantaged savings programs formerly limited to college costs, to include K-12 expenses. […]

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Why Catholic Schools?

Because With an Incarnate View of the World, there are no Secular Subjects Deciding what type of school to enroll your child in can be difficult given the many options within today’s educational system. They each come with different philosophies, practices, and teaching methods, all of which have an enormous impact on a given child’s […]

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